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A new Compact History of Mexico.

$ 355 MXN

Autor: García Martínez, Bernardo
Zoraida Vázquez, Josefina
Escalante Gonzalbo, Pablo
Aboites Aguilar, Luis
Jáuregui, Luis
Speckman Guerra, Elisa
Garciadiego, Javier
ISBN: 9786074627527
Edición: 1
Sello: El Colegio de México
Código: 9786074627527
Editorial: Colegio de México

In 1973, El Colegio de México published the first version of Historia mínima de México(followed in 1974 by the English translation A Compact History of Mexico for the purpose of providing Mexicans living at that time with basic historical knowledge of their country. While preserving the aim of synthesis and simplicity that served as a basic guideline for the earlier Historia mínima de México, this new work constitutes a completely novel and original manuscript. Thus, A New Compact History of Méxicois not only a new history, but also an innovative one. In its pages, readers will find accounts and perspectives enabling them to gain a fundamental understanding of Mexican history in an enjoyable way.